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1/11/10 Paul Revere, old school style.
12/22/09 There are so many things wrong with this video. Just the fact that a U.S. Senator is openly stating that he thinks the bribes & backroom dealings are "small stuff" is enough to drive you mad. But what if he means it's "small stuff" because Congress is guilty of much, much worse, so this is nothing in comparison? Either way, one thing is for sure - we are screwed.


Takin' it "old school". How a bill becomes a law.


I think we all need to go back to our roots & learn a little something from Schoolhouse Rock


Ted Kennedy apparently "loved" to joke about Chappaquiddick? Really? Good to hear how remorseful he was. What a great guy.


Recap of Glenn Beck's television show last week. Facts, questions, possible conclusions.