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Today's Story (3/25/10)

Cuba's Fidel Castro endorses Obamacare! And, despite what that meatball in shoes, Michael Moore, might try to tell you, this is NOT a good thing. Last I checked, foreigners come to the U.S. for surgery and groundbreaking treatment - not Cuba.:,0,470625.story

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1/11/10 This story is a bit old, but worth the read. I should have posted it sooner, but as you can see I've been a bit of a slacker lately. Anyway, this story is "insane" because after reading what this Russian immigrant has to say, you wonder what the hell people are thinking by following the USSR's lead.
12/22/09 How about that "global warming"? There are so many of these stories, it's almost to the point of ridiculous.
10/23/09 Irony hits a new low
10/15/09 Govt. attempts internet takeover
10/14/09 Giving birth in England
9/21/09 Mwahahahaha! Power! I want more power!
9/10/09 Apparently, the "Turbo Tax Defense" only applies if you're in the government. Just as we suspected . . .


Whole Foods alternative to Obamacare. "Insane" only because people (including some employees) are boycotting Whole Foods because of his honest opinion and more sensible approach to healthcare reform.
9/4/09 Cuba's t.p. crisis
8/31/09 Healthcare "disinformation"?
8/28/09 Obama explaining his support of a single-payer system
8/27/09 Congress buys themselves some private jets.
8/25/09 Okay, so this isn't so much a "story", as it is a picture. It may not necessarily imply anything, but it's interesting to say the least.
8/12/09 Shout down in Phili. This should be happening in every town hall meeting, in every state across the nation       
8/4/09 Congress now wants to cap salaries at financial institutions - whether or not they took govt. money. There's that slippery slope we knew was coming! The House has already said yes; what will the Senate do?
8/3/09 Healthcare: You get what you pay for.

7/31/09 The Green Jobs Czar is a scary Commie.
7/30/09 The government-proposed healthcare system is so great that Congress refuses to use it themselves!
7/24/09 Is this even possible? Have pigs begun to take flight? Has Hades experienced a cooling trend? Is the Obama Administration actually doing something right?? How can this be? According to this article, they are pushing schools and teachers to be accountable for the education of their students and they are endorsing charter schools. Talk about shock and awe.
7/20/09 NY Post article on how government healthcare costs more