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10/14/09 Howd this guy get elected in MI? Im amazed & impressed. Worth the less than 4 minutes to watch
9/10/09 Michele Backmann tells heckler where to go
8/28/09 Video of Obama talking about his support of single-payer healthcare

8/4/09 Healthcare should be a "right"?!
8/3/09 Obama "not familiar" with part of the healthcare bill that he is constantly claiming is not true
7/30/09 Senator Conyers (D-MI) finds it humorous that people think he should have to read the healthcare bill because it's too long and complicated. He believes two days and two lawyers are required (he's a lawyer). Perhaps Congress (of which, Conyers is a member) should try making the bills less incomprehensible and SHORTER?! Call me crazy.
7/22/09 Mikulski adds abortion to healthcare bill